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Winter Feed Prepping

The spring & Summer is a great time of the year if you have lots of pasture, & you have grazing livestock such as Horses, Cattle, & Sheep. Saving money by grazing your livestock makes it a little easier on your wallet, & you save a little energy on going out to feed your animals. Many farmers & ranchers choose this time to build up their herds as well.

In the winter time however, animals cannot live off of what little grass might be out in the pasture. Many farmers contain the livestock they have to the barns so they do not trample & damage the pasture while the grass is not growing. It is important to keep in mind that your livestock will need more feed just to maintain weight, let alone put on weight during the winter months. Often, farmers & ranchers thin the herds & sell off everything but the breeding stock before the pastures dry up.

If you are going to be feeding out livestock, or have animals that you keep for personal use through the winter you may want to make sure that you put a little aside to pay for the increased feed purchases you will need. It is also a good idea to make sure that you monitor how quickly your livestock uses the feed as well. Keep in mind that in many northern areas that experience heavy snow fall, you might not be able to get to your local feed store or mill, & those that deliver might have days where they cannot safely deliver your feed. So it is a good idea to always keep a few days, or even a week's supply of feed on hand.

If this is going to be your first winter with livestock, ask experienced farmers how they handle the winter. Most of your feed stores & mills will also be happy to help you plan for those cold winter months. The last thing that you want, is to have livestock without feed in the winter.

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