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Why go with a Local Business?

What do you think about when your deciding between a small local business & a chain store?

1. Are the products or services going to cost more at a local store?

- Sometimes they do. Big chains often get better deals on inventory than small businesses.

- That is not always the case however. Never dismiss your local small business without at least doing a price comparison.


2. Who is going to have better quality?

- Small Businesses often beet out the big chains on quality. They have more time to look over their inventory to check for issues.

- Small Business services are often better quality as well. Losing a customer affects a small business much more than a large chain. So often the business owner tries harder.

- There is also the neighbor factor. Small Businesses often serve their neighbors. Would you want your neighbor mad at you for poor service or products. I know I wouldn't. Big chains do not know you, & though they do not want to lose customers, they are not as worried about it because the bosses do not know you, & will probably never meet you in person.


3. Will the owner feel responsible if their is a problem & take care of it personally?

- Owners of small local businesses often work long hours at their business. This means they are much more likely to assume responsibility for an issue.

- Big Chain stores often have multiple owners, who again, will never meet you. However, most do have acceptable return policies.


There are advantages to both Small Businesses, & Chain Stores. The real question is, what is more important to you?

Sure you can get what you need from a big store. But think about how good it feels to go in and support your local businesses. Think about the extra effort that most small businesses put into helping you. 

Small businesses built this nation, & I would hate to see them disappear. Check out the article below. I bet you did not know how important our small businesses are to our economy. With those statistics, it is pretty obvious that small businesses have a lot to offer, & can be just as competitive as a large chain store, or corporation. 


What is the percentage of small businesses?

SMALL BUSINESS FACTS. Small businesses are responsible for 52 percent of the all U.S. sales and contribute about 21 percent of all manufactured U.S. exports. Small businesses contribute 44 percent of all sales in the country. Small businesses employ 54.4 million people, about 57.3 percent of the private workforce.



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