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Why Custom Feeds over Pre-Bagged?

Today there are a shrinking number of feed mills, & a growing number of feed stores selling pre-bagged pellet feeds. Now there is nothing wrong with pre-bagged pelleted feeds, we sell some very good quality feeds from Hubbard, ADM, & Ranchers Choice.

But what really sets a good custom feed apart from a pelleted feed? There are a couple of important differences.

#1. A custom feed can be made for your particular animal's needs, or even a herds needs. Are your animals grazing in a pasture? Are your animals in a building for the whole span of their lives? The answers to those questions can determine how much protein & what kinds of minerals they need. A grazing animal can get natural vitamins & minerals that an animal in a pen can't. So they might need minerals added to their feeds.

#2. You cannot see the ingredients you are feeding to your animals in a pelleted feed. Look at the picture above. You can see corn, oats, all-stock pellets for protein & vitamins. In pelleted feed, well, you just see brown pellets. 

#3. The Price! Most of the time a custom feed can be made a little cheaper than a pelleted feed. Pelleted feeds take an extra process that costs money. Most animals are very happy eating textured custom feeds. So why not save a little money & make your animals happy at the same time?

There are some exceptions to custom over pelleted. Poultry for instance... Many people would rather have pellet, or crumbles, because their chickens do not waste as much feed. In many feeder setups, chickens have a tendency to spill feed onto the ground. A custom mash is often lost in the dirt, while pellets & crumbles can easily be picked up & eaten by your fine feathered friends.

For most animals however, I would strongly urge you to look into custom feeds if you have a feed mill in your area. The few that are left, just like ours, may offer delivery services if they are a little further than you would like to drive.

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