George’s Grain Farm Motorsports

2015 Season

Vintage Sled, Champ Sled,

Oval Ice Track Racing


Contact Us:

PO Box 159

120 N Walnut St. Etna Green, IN 46524


Dale Schwenk - Driver


George Faulkner – Owner



Thank You!

We appreciate you taking the time to consider becoming a marketing sponsor for our Snowmobile Race Team. The upcoming 2015 race season is fast approaching, and we are confident in Dale Schwenk our veteran driver to bring home the “Eagle” this year from Eagle River, WI. We began racing Oval Ice Tracks in 2009 with our 1976 Mercury Snow Twister, and our 2002 Wahl Chassis Polaris. We have had 6 great seasons and are looking for the 7th to be our best!

Driver Profile

Dale Schwenk

Hometown: Etna Green, IN  

Birthdate: 07/26/1976

Occupation: Mill Manager

Years Racing: 6





Career highlights

Wins By Year

2010: Eagle River 4th F/A 340

2011: BEVRA 1st Super Stock F/A, 2nd Super Stock F/A; Boonville Snow Fest 5th 440 Super Mod IFS, 3rd 600 Open Mod

2012: BEVRA 1st Super Mod IFS; Boonville Snow Fest 2nd 340 F/A, 2nd 340 Liquid Cooled

2013: BEVRA 1st Super Mod IFS, 2nd Super Stock F/A; Boonville Snow Fest 1st 600 Open Mod, 1st 440 Super Mod IFS

2014: Lucky Thumb 1st Monster X, 2nd 340 F/A; Whiskey Creek 2nd 340 F/A Stock, 1st 440 Pro Champ; MIRA Lincoln Cat 1st Pro 600 Open, 1st Semi Pro 440 Champ, 4th Pro Champ 440; Eagle River 4th 340 Super Stock F/A; Boonville Snow Fest 2nd 440 Super Mod IFS, 3rd 340 Stock F/A, 3rd 600 Open Mod, 1st 340 Liquid Stock


Current Sponsors

  • George’s Grain Farm, Inc.
  • Etna Elevator
  • Great Lakes Trading, LLC
  • Mike’s Custom Painting
  • AC Custom Graphics
  • Kevin Sirois Pop – A – Top Racing Engine’s
  • Sean Wood – Team Wood



January 3rd & 4th ~ Ironwood, MI

January 9th, 10th & 11th ~ Eagle River, WI World Championship (Vintage Weekend)

January 16th, 17th & 18th ~ Eagle River, WI World Championship (Champ Weekend)

January 24th & 25th ~ Wausau, WI

February 6th, 7th & 8th ~ Boonville, NY/Francis Creek, WI

February 14th & 15th ~ Weyauwega, WI

February 21st & 22nd ~ Lincoln, MI

February 28th ~ TBD




We have many options and sponsorship levels! You can be a Primary sponsor, an Associate sponsor, an Assistant sponsor, or a Product Sponsor. Below we will provide contact information for anyone interested in becoming a sponsor.

Primary Sponsor~ Lg. Shield, Lg. Hood, Lg. Side Panel. These areas are the most visible to fans and will be extremely visible in the numerous photos that circulate. We also have large spaces available on our trailer.

Associate Sponsor~ Sm. Side Panel, Sm. Shield, Sm. Hood. These areas are just as visible but have a much smaller logo than the Primary sponsors.

Assistant Sponsor~ Small Logo on helmet, trailer or suit. These areas are visible in up close photos and to other racers the driver interacts with.

Product Sponsor~ We also offer the opportunity to become a sponsor through the use of free products or services, used on the sled, trailer or driver.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us directly at:

574-858-0221 ask for Roxanne or Rebecca